The Intersection of Grief & the Enneagram: 3-Week Group




Join Mandy and Melissa for a three-week group coaching experience investigating the intersectionality between grief and Enneagram Type.

How does your story evolve as you become more aware, grounded, and empowered? Together we will explore how the core motivations of the nine Enneagram Types ignite a habitual focus of attention and energy that are heightened during grief. When we bring internal structures into external reality, we invite consciousness, insight, connection, and action. By paying attention to our grief and allowing the healing process to flow, we can learn unique ways to take care of ourselves, communicate better with others, discover healthy boundaries, and cultivate meaningful pathways forward.

There will be brief homework prompts given at the end of each hour-long session to facilitate self-expression and exploration.

When Will We Meet: Thursdays, January 6th, 13th, 20th from 9-10AM PT / 12-1PM ET

Who Should Attend: Adults 18 years of age or older who have a basic understanding of their Enneagram Type.

Melissa Kircher is a Certified Enneagram Coach with the Madanes School of Enneagram, and Life Coach with the International Association of Coaching. She loves helping people create space for self-love, growth, and healing in their lives. She’s also an Alumni Fellow of The Coaching Fellowship: Young Women Leaders of Impact. You can find her work on both Enneagram Paths and You can connect with Melissa on Twitter @enneagrampaths and Instagram @enneagrampaths.

Mandy Capehart is a speaker, host, and certified grief and life coach in the Pacific Northwest. She is the founder of The Restorative Grief Project, an online community of grievers and grief supporters looking for movement while they heal. Mandy is a storyteller through and through, always in pursuit of adventure, grace, and opportunities to express gratitude. You can find her work at You can connect with Mandy on Twitter @mandycapehart and Instagram @mandycapehart.

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