An Enneagram, Post-Deconstruction, Mid-Reconstruction, Integrated Response to Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman”

Isn’t that the best blog post title you’ve ever read?


I can’t even with the new Arianna Grande video. I love it so freaking much it’s almost painful. The symbolism. The art. The Sacred Feminine. The Divine as a Mother. A woman owning her sexuality. A woman bigger than angry white men. A woman loving her body and all the things it can do. Smashing glass ceilings with a gavel. I mean, sigh. Happiness.

Here you go. Some fun:

Type One: I’m morally obligated to let you know that the perfect expression of God is found in both male and female energies.


Type Two: If it helps your spiritual life to think about God as a woman then I will support your journey. Tell me all your feelings.

giphy (5)

Type Three: Yes! She looks amazing. The video is so gorgeous. Those visuals. And the Sistine Chapel part made me cry—bonus emotions!

giphy (1)

Type Four: *Deep breathing* The scope of authentic, pure ideals shown in the video have now made my heart literally stop. I’ve known a shift away from patriarchy was coming and have been waiting for the rest of the world to realize what we sensitive artists have intuited for so long.

giphy (2)

Type 5: I mean, if you even read the Bible you see that God is described as both Mother and Father. So it’d make sense that both genders would want equal representation in sacred spaces.

giphy (3).gif

Type Six: At first the idea of God as a woman freaked me out. I mean, what would that do to my theology? But then I thought, fuck it, I’m going to follow my heart and my heart says hell yeah!

giphy (4)

Type Seven: I love everything about this! I’m SO into feminism and the Sacred Feminine. Sign me up for a class or a retreat or something. Lets’ get a group together and discuss the video! Drinks on me!


Type Eight: Fuck yes! I mean….fuck yes!!


Type Nine: I believe in all things, that we are one, that God is one, that we can find peace by accepting God as both genders and also genderless.




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