My Enneagram Box: Review

Hello Enneagram Paths friends! Today, I’m excited to share something a little different with you all, a review. A couple of months ago, a new company called My Enneagram Box reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to check out their new box subscription service based on the nine Enneatypes. The box came last week and… It. Was. So. Fun.

Here is the company’s mission statement:

“My Enneagram Box is a quarterly subscription box based on your Enneagram type, delivered to
your doorstep! Each box is uniquely curated to make the Enneagram tangible by including items that foster growth, celebrate uniqueness, and encourage self-care.”

I admit I was a little skeptical about things/gifts based on type; there is a risk that type boxes could be a little shallow in the wrong hands. How delightful it was to find out this is not the case with My Enneagram Box!

My Enneagram Box comes beautifully packaged with materials that are paper-based and recyclable – Earth win! And the contents are super cool. I found myself both emotionally moved and laughing while unpacking everything inside.

The first thing that sticks out to me is a note from the company, specially catered to the type receiving the box. It included positive, integrated aspects of a Type 5 and reminded me that I have unique gifts to offer the world. You can tell My Enneagram Box put a lot of heart into the note and it was well-received.

Now to the goodies! This box came with six different gifts. The first was a whole bag of Type 5 coffee from a company I already love, Enneagram Coffee. Having already tasted and approved this brew, I was thrilled to see that these two companies have teamed up. Trust me; it’s a good cup of coffee. Next was a beautifully designed packet of “Untranslatable Words.” I laughed and was then immediately intrigued, reading through them like the curious little monster I am. Then came the “I Need Some Serious Me Time” journal, which is both humorous and inviting to Type 5s who can always use more resources on how to care for themselves well.

I loved the two smaller items in the box, Placebos’ “Confidence” and “Believe In Yourself” lip balm.

And the piece de resistance of this particular iteration of the Type 5 box: a “Personal Library Kit” by Knock Knock’s. Did I nerd out over this? Yes, yes, I did. The kit includes old-school return packets (self-adhesive) for the back of your books, a date stamp and ink pad, and twenty checkout cards. Will I be using this? Yes, yes, I will!

Lastly, there is a sheet that recommends nine Enneagram Instagram accounts to follow for tons of excellent Enneagram content. I’m honored and delighted that My Enneagram Box included @EnneagramPaths on this list:)

Overall, I am blown away by how carefully curated this box is, striking the perfect mix of seriousness, heart, and levity. I think any Type 5 would felt seen and known when opening this box. I’d wholeheartedly recommend buying a box subscription for yourself as well as all nine types of your friends and family. Support this fledgling business today; you won’t be sorry!

Check out: for their next round of boxes or to get a box delivered per quarter. And make sure to follow them on Instagram at @myenneagrambox. Enjoy!

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  1. Ooo – I’m very intrigued! I’ve already put reminders on my phone to order boxes for my husband (4) & bestie’s (2) birthdays. Fun!

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