Enneagram Type 5: Enneagram Art Series

Happy Tuesday Enneagram Paths friends! Today, I’m bringing you the next installment of my Enneagram Art Series, melding two of my passions: art and the Enneagram.

This Type Five artwork is fifth in a series of nine illustrated paintings that visually imagine the essence and integration experience of each Enneagram Type. Here on the blog, I want to give you both the art and the creation intention behind each piece. Here is a brief, succinct peek into my mind as I painted and inked each piece. The rest of the feeling, resonating, and interpreting is up to you!

Type 5: In this piece, the yellowish-green paint represents both a “cloud” of information and the connection to universal knowing that Fives access in Essence. This cloud aspect is echoed in the lines underneath the eye. The eye is part of the body and harkens to how Fives can observe all with embodied energy in integration. The eyelashes include arrows that point up and down to signify how, in health, Fives can live rich inner and outer lives. The “V” at the top of the illustrated painting shows how the True Self of Fives moves powerfully in and out of the world according to the combined wisdom of their bodies, hearts, and minds. The contract between the defined geometric shapes and the free, messy watercolor paint represents how Fives can simultaneously understand facts and be in tune with mysterious unknowing.

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I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave me feedback on my @enneagrampaths Twitter and Instagram. All nine illustrated paintings will be shared on social media.

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