Ted Lasso and the Enneagram

Hello Enneagram Paths friends! Today, something fun and totally new for me, typing characters from a TV show. Full disclosure, it took much cajoling by my husband and a podcast by Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach to convince me to try Ted Lasso. Episode one made me want to to peel all my skin off; it was that uncomfortable. But, by episode two, I was in love with sports and every single character.

Usually, I steer clear of typing fictional characters or public figures because one can only guess and never truly know. Only Jason Sudeikis and the others writers will ever be able to definitely say if a type is correct or not. However, this show is so masterfully crafted I had to give it a go!

Here are my Ted Lasso type guesses so far. I’d expect disagreement, and that’s okay! Please feel free to leave your take in the comments, and let’s have some fun with this 🙂

Roy Kent: 8

Stress move to 5 shows up in taciturn, nihilistic withdrawal that affects his energy. Average 8 would be earlier in his career when he was a force of nature. Health move to 2 shows up as he protects the underdogs, reveals vulnerability, and has a huge heart.

Keeley Jones: 9

Average 9 is her warmth, ability to get along with everyone, and create team unity with true understanding. Stress is 6 anxiety smoking and freaking out about her life choices. Health 3 is when she breaks up with Jamie, owns what she needs with Roy, and crushes her job.

Ted Lasso: 7

Average 7 has him optimistic to the point of weird, yet likable even with his manic energy. He’s endearing. Stress 1 energy shows up when winning matters or his pain threatens to come out of hiding. I think we’ll see healthy 5 emerge through therapy and as he embraces the full spectrum of his emotions.

“Nate” Shelley: 6

Average phobic 6 is being wary, skittish, and prepared for the worst to happen to him. Health 9 shows up when he relaxes into good things showing up in his life. Traumatic parents quickly turn this energy into stress 3 where it’s all about ego and dominating.

Rebecca Welten: 3

Average 3 has her fixated on her looks, public image, and hidden revenge. Stress to 9 shows when she eats her feelings, can’t stand up to mum, and lets her ex walk all over her. Health 6 is embracing team unity, letting others love her, and working for the greater good.

Coach Beard: 5

Average 5 is brilliant, but behind the scenes. Keeps his personality hidden. Offbeat loner who maintains his life in secluded sections. Health 8 is throwing Jamie’s dad out of the locker room like a true leader-protector. Stress 7 is beginning to show with drinking and toxic relationship with Jane.

Dani Rojas: 7

I mean, do I have to explain this one? (wink) He’s happiness on eight million cups of coffee. I think healthy 5 energy shows up in his ability to hone in and focus on a singular thing: soccer. I also think his stress move to 1 shows up in soccer as well; he’s obsessed with it and pursues it to perfection. I’m looking forward to learning more about Dani’s story as season two unfolds.

Jamie Tartt: 3

Average 3 is his whole Jame Tartt persona that hides a wounded son heart seeking approval. Stress 9 energy lets his team down and trade happen without a fight. He gives in to a “whatever happens happens” mentality. Health 6 shows as he realizes he can shine bright AND also help his team win. He becomes loyal and truly magnetic.

Higgins: 2 or 6

I can’t tell yet! He’s loyal yet nervous like a 6, but helpful and longs to be needed like a 2. Both types enjoy getting the recognition they justly deserve, and we see this with Higgins. His motivation is a heart-centered love of his family and I see self-preservation in doing what it takes to keep his job.

I hope you enjoyed these Ted Lasso Enneagram type guesses. Share some of your own! I’m still watching Sam, Dr. Fieldstone, Isaac, and Trent Crimm (maybe he’s a 1?). I adore this show and am so glad for some awesome TV storylines these days!

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