Re-Focus [By Enneagram Type]

“Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn’t suck.”― Joss Whedon During my time with The Coaching Fellowship, one of the many lessons my coach taught me was, “What you focus your attention on determines what you miss.” Shout out to my coach, the fantastic Janice Reches! I don’t know about you, but I … More Re-Focus [By Enneagram Type]

Two Twos: Interview with Elizabeth Dodds and Corrie Wilson

Hello Enneagram Paths friends! Glad to have you this Monday to learn more about what it means to lead with Type Two! Here on Enneagram Paths, I like to ask the same questions of different people within a type; I find it highlights every person’s nuance and complexity. It’s similar to the Narrative Enneagram Tradition, … More Two Twos: Interview with Elizabeth Dodds and Corrie Wilson

Enneagram One Subtypes

Welcome back, Enneagram Paths friends! Today we’re going to start a journey around the Enneagram circle and look at each number’s subtype. If you’re new to the world of subtypes and instinctual drives, I’d encourage you to read my post What are Subtypes? or go check out the amazing Dr. Beatrice Chestnut’s book on subtypes … More Enneagram One Subtypes

Enneagram Types: Similarities & Differences

“..then he added, as if requiring a response to his own remark,‘Probably the greater the difference, the greater the similarity, and the greater the similarity, the greater the difference,’ at that moment he did not yet know how right he was.” – José Saramago, All the Names It is consistently interesting to me as I work with clients … More Enneagram Types: Similarities & Differences

The Enneagram & Parenting: Chasing Joy 100 Ways Podcast

It was an honor and joy to talk to Nicole Groenewald on her Chase Joy 100 Ways podcast this week. We discussed how parents can use aspects of the Enneagram to create safe, expansive, and aware spaces for their kids to grow! You can listen on Apple Podcasts and all podcast streaming apps. Click on … More The Enneagram & Parenting: Chasing Joy 100 Ways Podcast

Enneagram Eights: Carly Bergey & Greta Sutherland

Good morning Enneagram Paths people! I hope you are safe and well. I’m sending out love, presence, and light to you all during these heavy times. Today, we finish the Type Eight series with two amazing people in the house! Carly Bergey and Greta Sutherland have graciously allowed me to interview them and ask what … More Enneagram Eights: Carly Bergey & Greta Sutherland