Interview with Enneagram Type Four, Rima Lyn

Hello Enneagram Paths, friends! Happy Monday, and welcome back! I hope all of you are finding ways to love yourself well, move deeper into acceptance and awareness, and listen to your body as we continue to navigate Covid-19 times. Today we are lucky to hear from the fantastic Rima Lyn about her unique experiences as … More Interview with Enneagram Type Four, Rima Lyn

Enneagram 4w3 vs. 4w5

Enneagram Type Fours are in the Heart Triad. They are introspective, experience a wide range of emotions, care about the deep meaning in life, have active imaginations, and make ample space for pain. Fours are the people you want to have around when a loved one gets sick or passes—they will empathize in whatever way you best … More Enneagram 4w3 vs. 4w5