Body Positivity for Each Enneagram Type

Whether we’re white, black, olive, tan or any of the million shades in between. Whether we have dark hair or fair, curly or straight. Whether we identify as male, female, or on any part of the gender spectrum. Whether thin or curvy, tall or short, differently-abled, or facing chronic illness. The truth is, not only do we all HAVE bodies, we all ARE bodies.

Our bodies need love and care. They need attention. Listen to your body. Give it what it asks for. Let it have a brownie, nap, bath, crazy fast run, boxing session, silk pajamas, or time to sit in silence. Be patient and kind to your physical self. It holds just as much wisdom as your heart and mind!

Here are some quick body positivity tips for each Enneagram Type.

Body Positivity for Type One: I am not perfect. No diet or exercise routine will ever make me as happy with my body as I can be right now, loving it exactly as is. How can I relax and listen to my body today, taking joy in giving it whatever it needs?

Body Positivity for Type Two: My body is deserving of time and attention. I will lavish it with good food, exercise, rest, and tons of compliments. I will take time apart from others so I may tune into its personal messages for me.

Body Positivity for Type Three: I do not need to push my body past its limits. Tiredness is my body telling me to rest. Rest is good for me, thank you body for reminding me of this truth.

Body Positivity for Type Four: Emotions are valuable, but they are not always reality. I can walk and enjoy the sunshine, go for a run, laugh, or eat a comforting meal. I will move my body and let its wisdom resonate within.

Body Positivity for Type Five: My body is me, not just my brain. I will take it to the dentist, get that mole checked, cook it a full healthy meal, not just another egg sandwich because I’m too engrossed in a project. I will exercise, do yoga, breathe deeply. I will love and trust the physical me.

Body Positivity for Type Six: There is most likely nothing wrong with me. I will stop googling symptoms. I will learn to trust my body. It’s strong and wise, and will tell me exactly what it needs. And if I’m dealing with illness or pain, I will remember to be tender and kind, speaking to my body with gentleness and care.

Body Positivity for Type Seven: I can sit down, be still, and quiet. I will take a minute to thank my body for all the things it allows me to do. Imagine how every single cell shows up and does its job. Isn’t my body glorious?

Body Positivity for Type Eight: My body is not a thing to be mastered or beaten into submission. I will take baths. I will get massages. I will listen to it tell me to sleep, eat, and snuggle with other people. I will accept love into my life through my body.

Body Positivity for Type Nine: My body holds ancient, evolved wisdom. I will honor my body by not smothering its voice. I won’t numb it. Instead, I’ll listen, it has life-giving, freeing things to tell me.

*For all Types: And if I need medication, I will take medication. There is no shame in balanced brain chemistry.*

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