Enneagram 2w1 vs. 2w3

Enneagram Type Twos are often called the Helpers. They have a desire to fulfill the needs of others; often in order to get their own buried needs met. They can sense emotions with clarity and precision and are in the Heart Triad, meaning they experience the world through the lens of feeling and relationships. They … More Enneagram 2w1 vs. 2w3

Interview With Type One, Rachel Hamm

“If I can do things right, I don’t see why everyone else can’t.” ― Courtney Summers, Cracked Up to Be “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi Monday interview time! Today, I have Rachel Hamm here, an Enneagram Type One — which is also sometimes called “The Perfectionist”. Rachel … More Interview With Type One, Rachel Hamm