Enneagram Type 1w9 vs. 1w2

Type Ones are in the Body Triad, the Compliant Stance, and their Time Orientation is the Present. When healthy, Ones are are dependable, sincere, grounded, spontaneous, and joyful. Ones have a built-in desire to improve the world, and work hard at doing so with integrity and an unshakable inner compass. Their innate sense of the natural order of things leads them to be wise advisors; accepting others who are on their own, unique paths. Healthy Ones live with mystical-like wisdom and inward peace. They also know how to laugh and engage in activities that refuel their energy and sense of play.

People are transformative entities, always in motion, not robots that act in restrictive boxes. Therefore, the descriptions below will not describe someone fully. Nor will a person ever seem completely integrated or disintegrated. One can cycle through the spectrum of healthy/unhealthy levels in a day. In an hour even! And…keep in mind, both 1w9 and 1w2 go to Type Four in Disintegration and Type Seven in Integration, but the shades of how this looks will vary. And then there are Subtypes! Ha!

The Enneagram….always more complex and nuanced then we realize. Much like us human beings. Check out my list of Enneagram Resources for further investigation.

Type One with a Nine Wing (1w9)

Healthy: In health, 1w9s take on a shade of the big-picture thinking common in Type Nines. They care more about the state of the world and the consummate circumstances for people living in it. They can be very understanding of others and tolerant of differences, like a Type Nine. They lead by example, using their actions and life to show what they believe to be ideal, not imposing sharp criticisms on their fellow humans. They are loyal friends who care deeply about those they allow into their lives, also often soliciting the advice of these trusted loved ones in tricky situations. They have more of an ability to relax and let go, silencing the inner critic for a bit, so that their minds, bodies, and hearts can get some rest. Their manner of speaking will be be more warm and less direct. The Type Nine energy softens the intensity of their gaze and the set of their mouth. Instead of needing to have everything exist within strict guidelines, they allow certain areas of their life to simply flow.

Unhealthy: In lower levels, or when stressed, 1w9s turns off their body and mind more, disassociating themselves from critical thoughts, hard emotions, and unpleasant bodily sensations. They numb with things like TV, food, or alcohol. Stressed 1w9s can begin to get stuck on how much others seem to be messing around and making mistakes. They become tired and exhausted of all the work they “perceive” they’re doing for other people and the world, and give up. They metaphorically throw their hands in the air and declare the whole thing a wash. Disenchanted virtuousness becomes an excuse for all kinds of escapes; they can slack off at work, detach from important relationships and isolate themselves in order to lessen the intensity of their disappointment.

Type One with a Two Wing (1w2)

Healthy: In health, 1w2s are more in touch with their Heart Center. They have a greater access to the full range of their emotions and do much less repressing of traditionally undesirable feelings like anger or sadness. 1w2s use their incredible ability to find workable solutions to help others. They are softer and more empathetic as they come alongside those in need, knowing that they are doing the right thing by caring. But their help is boundaried, not invasive. They work for the greater good with sensitivity and a warm love. Their personal relationships take on a determined connectivity that isn’t found as much in 1w9s, and they purposefully engage in self-love and self-care, considering their own needs as much as others.

Unhealthy: In lower levels, or when stressed, the 1w2’s need to help becomes presumptuous; they feel they know the right thing to do in any situation. Their internal sense of righteousness (black and white thinking) gets tangled up in an unhealthy self-image of the savior. Their role is almost deified, in their own minds, as if they and God alone are in charge. If someone does not allow them to step in and fix what’s wrong, 1w2’s may take on a shade of the lower side of Type Two and vocalize their “perceived” unjust treatment through whining or complaining. They feel undervalued and unappreciated for their valiant efforts to change your life, and the world, for the better. They then martyr themselves, loudly and profusely, to such an extent that others either have to exit the relationship or take a break for a while.

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