What Each Enneagram Type Offers in Hard Times

During this uncertain season, when none of us know quite what to do or how to feel, let’s turn our attention to positivity as best we can. What can we offer each other in our homes, in Zoom meetings, on FaceTime calls, or in the flurry of texts and emails that we’ll be sending in the coming days? Here are a few examples of the gifts each Enneagram Type brings to the table in times of crisis:

Type 1: Bravery, Attention to Detail, Order, Tenderness

Type 2: Empathy, Plausible Solutions, Grit, Boundaries

Type 3: Action, Resources, Authenticity, Cooperation

Type 4: Non-Judgment, Depth, Space, Vitality

Type 5: Wise Insight, Attention, Leadership, Courage

Type 6: Connectivity, Vulnerability, Endurance, Adaptability

Type 7: Ferocity, Goodwill, Warmth, Intelligence

Type 8: Protection, True Care, Soul, Character

Type 9: Calm, Understanding, Reconciliation, Goal-Setting

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