Enneagram Types: Similarities & Differences

“..then he added, as if requiring a response to his own remark,‘Probably the greater the difference, the greater the similarity, and the greater the similarity, the greater the difference,’ at that moment he did not yet know how right he was.” – José Saramago, All the Names It is consistently interesting to me as I work with clients … More Enneagram Types: Similarities & Differences

What is Concealed in Each Enneagram Type’s Shadow?

Kim Parker of WayfindingLife.org says this about Enneagram Shadow work, “The Enneagram shows us the shadow side of our gifts and reveals the games we often unknowingly play. Although these can be difficult to face, doing so is part of a path that leads us toward freedom. Taking an honest look at ourselves, through the … More What is Concealed in Each Enneagram Type’s Shadow?

Sexual/One-on-One Enneagram Subtype: Sevens

Welcome back from the holidays, Ennea-lovers! I hope you all had a good (not-too-stressful) season with family, friends, and loved ones. Today on the blog, we’re diving back into Enneagram subtype interviews. I love hearing from readers and fellow Ennea-nerds on Twitter and IG! It’s fun to learn from and alongside each other as we … More Sexual/One-on-One Enneagram Subtype: Sevens

Type Seven, More Fun Than Anyone: Alleli Hull

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise [people] are able to understand them.” ― Paulo Coelho Where I live, there has been never-ending rainfall… not fun. I have needed a dose of Type Seven optimism and energy! Good thing my little daughter is a Seven. She makes even the rainiest of … More Type Seven, More Fun Than Anyone: Alleli Hull